Macau Cardiology Association


Macau Cardiology Association - 2018 Annual Scientific Meeting
July 7 – 10, Macau

ESC Congress Munich 2018
August 25 - 29, Germany

Asia Pacific Congenital & Structural Heart Intervention Symposium 2018
5 - 7 October 2018, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre

About Us

With a strong need to form an academic cardiology association to maintain and upkeep professional standards and maintain good practices, Dr Mario Evora (Head of the Cardiology Department, Hospital Centre S. Januario) established the Macau Cardiology Association on 22 August 2001. Its members are cardiologists from Kiang Wu Hospital, Hospital Centre S. Januario, and private practice.

In 2002, The Macau Cardiology Association became a member of the World Heart Federation. The Association has actively participated in international cardiologist meetings and has organized local Continuing Medical Education (CME) seminars for its members as well as important cardiovascular education to the public.

In the fight against cardiovascular disease, the Association would like to join hands with all healthcare professionals throughout Macau. We welcome healthcare professionals who have experience in anti-smoking campaigns, lifestyle promotion, and other initiatives that increase cardiovascular health. By broadening the range of specialists in Macau Cardiology Association, we could offer a more rounded professional service in increasing cardiovascular wellness.


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